Deluxe Mandoline
The only Mandoline Slicer that places “Safety” first
The World’s Safest Mandoline Slicer, a superbly crafted slicing tool!
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Patented safety lock secures the blade guard
Automatic blade guard is in position whenever the slicer is in use, standby or idle
Built-in serrated blade and julienne blades for multi-purpose cuts
Built-in Julienne blades
Hand guard included to avoid finger contact with the blades
The slicer gives you double protection when unattended with the built-in blade protector and the safety lock. The hand guard avoids finger contact with the blades. No more hazards from slicing! With an adjustor, you can choose thin, medium and thick serrated slicing. You can prepare garnishes, coleslaw and fries easily with the option of julienne blade.You can use the slicer handheld, over a bowl or resting on a countertop with the metal stand. It is specially designed for easy cleaning and compact storage in any kitchen cabinet.
Foldable stand allows its use by handheld, over a bowl or on the countertop