Glassware Saver™
A perfect glass-care item for dishwasher
Cleaning stemware is never easy whatever it is handwashing or dishwasher because of easy breakage.
Learning more about Glassware Saver™ in action on our video channel
Save your stemware, tall / slim glassware from easy breakage
Unique design silicone rod for easy bend and twist without rebouncing and create more space
Embrace tall and slim glasses and bottles without problem
the holder secures the stem position
With this Glassware Saver, cleaning becomes a cinch. Whichever it is wine glasses, champagne flutes, cocktail glasses or any other stemware, there is no more breaking from dishwasher horror.
Simply bend, wrap and post, the silicone rod will hold the stemware through the dishwashing cycle.
No more toppling over