Traditional way of separating egg yolk and white is time-consuming and at the same time,
it always creates a mess.
Learning more about Yolktor™ in action on our video channel
Simply squeeze the body, point to the egg yolk and release to suck the yolk
Easy to separate egg yolk and white
Able to store 4 yolks
With a brush accessory for brushing yolk on pastry
Choose your farvourite colour
With the innovative tool, Yolktor™, separating egg yolk from white is never a hard time.
Simply squeeze the body and point to the egg yolk. Release and the egg yolk will be sucked into the body.
Including the accessories, the Yolktor™ can act as a brush for tempering on pastry, as a container for storage as well as a whisk to beating egg yolk.
Yolktor™ is the tool you must have in your kitchen!

Simple to use and dishwasher safe
a stopper is included for storage in fridge for next time

The whisk is optional for beating egg yolk inside the Yolktor™