Deluxe Vegetable Slicer
No more nasty cuts in the kitchen!
Specially designed for storing or serving sliced vegetables, this powerful vegetable slicer comes with a food tray… all in one superbly crafted kitchen tool…
Learning more about Deluxe Vegetable Slicer in action on our video channel
Interchangeable slicer blade and julienne blade, prefect for slice and grate potato, cucumber, carrot, zucchini, bell pepper etc.
Dual plunger system avoids blade contact during operation
You can prepare garnishes, coleslaw, fries never to be easier and quicker.
One Touch Deluxe Vegetable Slicer is a safety-first kitchen partner - the outstanding One Touch dual plunger system avoids finger contact with the moving blade. You get a professional edge to your slicing with no more cutting accidents in your kitchen.
Well engineered with a slicer blade and a julienne blade, it is ideal for multi-purpose cuts.
Easy to store and clean
Includes tray to store all the slices
One Touch Button
Automatic Slicing