Automatic Salad Wash’n Spin
One Touch Automatic Salad Wash’n Spin with tumbling action is your must-have kitchen gadget.
One Touch Action to Spin Water out of Salad
Learning more about Automatic Salad Wash'n Spin in action on our video channel
Patented tumbling effect rinses dirt and pesticides
Cordless powered spinning removes excess moisture effortlessly
basket insert for berries and herbs
Non-slip rubber base for stability
The patented built-in tumbler washes away dirt, dust and pesticide effectively. It comes as battery-operated and spin automatically by a touch of the button on the lid. You may also fill it with a small amount of water for rinsing. The designer bowl takes freshly cleaned greens to the table elegantly.
Washing, Spinning and serving … all these are done with one tool.
You can now enjoy the fun of making salad!
One Touch operation with twin speed selection